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One of the challenges of the new millennium is and will be LOGISTICS together with processing of large volumes of goods and data.

Volumes in these fields increase annually by two digits percentages and the companies involved in this market segment strive to meet increasing demand for better quality, shorter deadlines, more competitive prices.

The same things happen in the world of paper and correspondence processors, where, despite the volumes decrease, solutions adopted to meet customer needs evolve in complexity and diversity from day to day.

RO SYSTEC GROUP, together with its partners, welcomes these needs bringing automation in addition to the human factor for: 

  • Better quality of sorting

  • Shortening transit times

  • Better product tracking

  • Growth of volumes

  • Quality of processes

Through the high technical solutions offered by RO SYSTEC GROUP and the high quality and safety of repair and maintenance services offered by our company, the worries caused by the large volumes to be processed in relatively short time and complexity of these processes can be set aside.

Areas such as automatic sorting of correspondence and packages, franking, personalization and sending of cards to owners, high security pattern, management of logistics warehouses, airport management from luggages band to the display of flights, all have solutions that can materialize with the help of our partners.

Our Team

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Phone: (004)0722191916


Alexandra TURCU
Sales Director

Phone: (004)0766093193


Deputy Director

Phone: (004)0747773738


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